Why Choose Us


When working with a Water Damage Long Island company you need confidence in the company that you work for. We recommend working with companies that have decades of experience in the trade. At Madison Avenue construction we do those decades of experience, performing a wide variety of different projects. Whether it be a brand new custom home from the ground up, restoring a home that has been destroyed by a flood or fire, or even just remodeling a simple bathroom, when working with us you’ll be working with the team that has experienced it all. Our experience has led us to have dozens of five star reviews online with hundreds of satisfied customers. If you’re looking for a Water Damage Long Island company for your next project then consider working with our team – you’ll be in great hands.

Design Options Available

Are you wanting to work with a Water Damage Long Island Company but need help coming up with the final design? Perhaps you have worked with other design build companies and don’t want to pay the exorbitant fees for their design services. If you need help with the design for your next project then Madison Avenue construction can definitely help you. We have multiple design options available and can walk you through the entire design process, especially if this is your first time doing a remodeling or renovation project. We understand that doing a large home project can be difficult due to the seemingly endless options that you can choose. We make this process easy and stress free by walking you through selecting everything that you would like and even helping you choose all the materials that you would like for your next project.

Clean & Organized

One reason that people can sometimes hesitate before investing in a Water Damage Long Island project is due to the mess and stress the project might create in their home. No one wants to experience a home that’s disheveled, disorganized, dirty, and dusty for weeks on end. We strive to keep our job sites extremely clean and organized so that you can actually live in your home while we’re working on your project. We will be sure to pick up after ourselves and will be very respectful in the way that we treat your home. We not only treat your home like it was ours, we treat your home like it was the presidents! You can be sure that when working with us you’ll find a very organized team that’s considerate of your home during our projects. If you would like to work with a clean and organized team then give us a call today to schedule your free in-home estimate.

Highest Quality Labor + Materials

Our Long Island home remodeling team not only has decades of experience, but we also have decades of offering the highest quality service and materials on all our projects. We understand that you have a budget on your project but we’ll be sure to do all that we can to deliver the highest quality materials at a price that fits within your budget. You’ll love the final product that we produce because of the rigid standards that we hold for our team. One of our main core values in our organization is demonstrating excellence in everything that we do and in every interaction that we have. Whenever you work with us you’ll be working with a specialist team that are experts and fine craftsmen in every area of the project.


Going about a Long Island home remodeling project is a large commitment and we understand that you want to see the end result as quickly as possible. At Madison Avenue construction we keep very strict deadlines and are very respectful of your time. We strive to arrive on time every single morning and leave at a consistent time in the evenings so that you do not have to adjust your schedule to make arrangements for us. It seems that our world has forgotten about the importance of being on time in valuing punctuality. Luckily at Madison Avenue Construction we have not forgotten this important, timeless value and punctuality is one of the benefits that you’ll experience whenever you work with us. If you’re ready to have your next project done the way that you want in a time frame that works for you, then we would be happy to work with you today.


We have heard so many horror stories about contractors or even other Long Island Home Remodeling companies committing to a set price or proposal with a customer, only to change it in the middle of the project. There was even a show on Spike TV called, “To Catch a Contractor” that was all about catching contractors that mislead and scammed their customers. What are the most important concerns whenever you go about the expensive process of a home remodeling a renovation project is ensuring that the project stays on budget. We guarantee that our project stays on budget and that we will not increase the price after we agreed to the initial proposal. Work with a company that looks for your best interest and that you can trust by working with Madison Avenue construction today.

Consistent Communication

Tackling a Long Island home remodeling or renovation project is a massive undertaking that requires consistent communication to ensure success. There’s nothing worse than having contractors in and out of your home and not knowing when the job will be complete or what stage of the process you’re in. At Madison Avenue Construction we provide our customers the convenience of consistent communication throughout the entire duration of the project. We will be sure to give you regular updates on the status of your project and if anything needs to be addressed by our customer, we keep the customer informed. If you ever feel out of the loop or you have a question about anything during our project, we make ourselves very available and accessible to address your concerns. If you would like to work with a company that looks for your best interest at heart then give us a call today and we would be happy to demonstrate are consistent communication in the value that this can add to your next project.


We want to make sure that you can see your next dream project come to life at a price point that you can afford. At Madison Avenue construction Long Island home remodeling we offer many affordable options to ensure that you can get the end design that you really are seeking with a price that makes sense for you. Our affordable pricing does not mean that we compromise on quality, rather it means that we work with you very closely to find a way to bring your dream project to life while also meeting your budget concerns. If you would like to get a quote for your next project and give our team a call I would be happy to schedule a time to give you a free estimate.