Are you looking for company that can provide you with the help you need for any kind Water Damage Long Island for any kind of remodeling need for your home? Here at Madison Avenue, we are can build help you with any kind of remodeling, restoration or miscellaneous construction need to have on your home. We’re actually highest and most reviewed remodeling and home construction company in Long Island today, and when the most highly rated in the city your. People trust us here at medicine company because we have the experience and we have a wide variety of projects in our part in our portfolio. We built entirely new beautifully built custom homes, and we’ve also remodeled single bathrooms of single rooms in we can handle wide variety of miscellaneous construction projects for your home as well.

When the reasons we’ve achieved success here medicine company is not only can we help people provide restoration services whenever they have experienced Water Damage Long Island or any other type of unfortunate accident like damage as a result of fire, smoke, flooding, Mould for the storm damage, but we aim to do so affordable price point. The things we take great pride here at Platinum Pest & Lawn is the fact that we provide affordable price points for customer’s make sure they get the help that they need and help you turn your house to its former glory.

In order to provide your home without that needs, if you’ve experienced they like Water Damage Long Island, the make she get touch with us. We do any and all restoration services such as we party mentioned like fire damage, floods, smoke damage, storm damage etc., and we also provide emergency cleanup work after disaster strikes whenever you need help. We also offer exterior refinishing services. If you like to make sure that you’ve got high quality beautiful siding we can help you there we can also upgrade your Windows. If you need window panels, we’ve got you covered and we can even put on a new roof for you. We also can provide any number miscellaneous construction projects around your home, and if you’ve got any ideas or needs, the give us call to talk to us about what we can do.

And when it comes to remodeling services, we’ve got you covered on all that as well. We provide your standard remodeling for any room your house like basis, kitchens, bathrooms, but we can even do home additions and add-ons. If you need more space or if you need to add a little flair your home, we can do that we can remodel your entire home. We can even do things like master suite upgrades.

In short, here medicine company, we are the jack of all trades whenever it comes to improving or restore your home, so make sure the get touch anytime you need help at calling us directly at this number or if you’d prefer, you can also go to our website whenever you like at for more information which you can also find some great picture galleries and customer testimonials at any time.

Are You Ready To Recieve The Best Water Damage Long Island Repair?


Are you looking for company is can build to provide you the help you need from something like Water Damage Long Island. Here medicine company, we are the premier destination for anybody in Long Island seeking restoration services for any kind of home remodeling or home construction in general. We are the most highly rated construction companies and you are, and we are the most and highest reviewed in Long Island today. We encourage you to go to our website at anytime sea can find the plethora of information that we provide on the website of who we are and what we’re going to be a will to do for you.

So whenever you go to our website at, what the first thing you’ll notice is not is the fact that we do Water Damage Long Island for any type of restoration service as a result of just about anything the gap in your home, and we also provide remodeling services miscellaneous projects. But mostly with the suspenders you get our website the homepage is the fact that we make it easy for you. We can really get touch with us with a simple 1-2-3 process which involves calling us first and foremost at medicine number and then scheduling a home of valuation with us so that we can provide you with an estimate, and then also work closely with you in your insurance to restore your home. You’ll notice on the website to directly that we offer free estimates and that is one of the real no-brainers here medicine company. We provide a estimates at no charge unlike most other contractors in the area.

You can see a breakdown the services that we provide which are any and all remodeling services, any kind of disaster restoration such as Water Damage Long Island. We can also help you anytime you have damage as a result of fire, smoke, flooding, even molder storm damage. We also provide remodeling services here that include any and all rooms just basements kitchens and bathrooms, or full on house remodel. We can also help you with any kind of miscellaneous construction projects around the home such as day building, painting and much more.

Get touch with us a free estimates, so we can provide service to you, and when the website you can also check out more about us and why should choose including the fact that we always remain on time and on budget, we have the most affordable price point in Long Island, we had multiple design options available in your remodeling restoration needs. You also find the website some generous photo galleries to look at which show the work we’ve done the past for others and some helpful customer testimonials as well.

We encourage you get touch with us anytime you need our help and you can also reach out to our website whenever you go to with your name and your contact information so that we can reach out to you. Get touch with us that way or does give us call directly. Letter questions comments or concerns anytime at 631-699-5950.