About Us

Our Values:


We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to trust a home remodeler or home restoration service for your next renovation project. Unfortunately, we have heard so many horror stories of a contractor or a Long Island Home Remodeling team walking out on a job or charging the customer more after the job had started. Whenever you begin to renovate or remodel your home, you must be confident and secure that the company that you work with will carry out the originally agreed upon terms of the project without creating hassles along the way. Here at Madison Avenue construction one of our primary values is our integrity. We simply believe that integrity is doing what you said that you would originally do without compromise; in short, it means to follow your word. Whenever you work with us, you’ll be dealing with a Long Island home remodeling team that follows our word from the very start to the very end of each project. Rest assured that you’ll be taken care of and that you will be able to carry out what we originally agreed to throughout the entire project. When working with us you can expect to work with the team that operates with integrity during every interaction that we have with you. We expect all of our team members, from our CEO all the way down to our daily laborers, to operate with integrity and everything that they do as well. Don’t hesitate any longer, if you want a company that works with a solid foundation of Integrity, then give Madison Avenue construction the call today!


Another value that we strive to live by, as well as offer to our clients, is the working with the highest degree of excellence with everything that we do. As a Long Island home remodeling and mitigation team, we understand that your next project or renovation packout it’s a substantial investment of time and money. We strive to honor and respect that investment by guaranteeing that we will always do things with excellence. With all that invested into your next project, you got to be sure set the final work that is completed has the exudes obvious qualities of excellence. How do we define excellence? We simply understand excellence to be work and service that we are proud of and more importantly, that you are proud of in the end. Whenever you work with us at Madison Avenue Construction expect to receive the highest degrees of excellence in every interaction. We don’t just strive to offer you excellence in our jobs with our completed projects, but we hope to demonstrate excellence in every interaction and conversation that you may have with us. In a world that seems to be filled with companies that cut corners just to save a nickel and a dime, you can expect that no corners will be cut (no pun intended) whenever working with our Long Island home remodeling team. If you’re looking for a renovation company that can operate with excellence and create a final project that you’ll be proud of then give us a call today. We’d be happy to do a in-home estimate and help your dream project turn to reality.


We have found that dependability is such an important value for a contractor to have. The dictionary defines the word dependability as, “the quality of being trustworthy and reliable.” What this means for us is that you can expect our Long Island home remodeling team to consistently provide the highest levels of service throughout the entire job. Dependability is a mult-faceted term, but we like to highlight the specific ways we demonstrate dependability to our clients. The first aspect of dependability that we strive to live is to be available and accessible throughout the entire process. If you have questions or concerns that come up throughout the project, you can expect us to be available to address them and satisfied your needs as best as we can. Another aspect of dependability that is often overlooked, but still is significantly important to is, is making sure we do things like show up on time. We don’t want you to have to reorient your entire life around a varying schedule on a day-to-day basis. We will do the best job that we can to make sure that we’re not only available, but we’re consistently on time and ready to go whenever you expect us. Ultimately, dependability means that you can rely on us to do an excellent job. Although it seems that many companies do not operate with this characteristic, you can be sure that we will whenever you work with us.

Results Driven

Let’s face it, the reason why you work with a Long Island home remodeling company like ours is to renovate and “beautify” your kitchen, bathroom, or even entire house as quickly as possible. The end goal is to have a final product that exceeds your expectations and that you love. Being aware of your goals causes us to be an extremely results-driven Long Island home remodeling company. We strive to make sure that your project is not only done on time, but on budget as well. This results driven mentality is what has led us to the success we have had and we aim to continue to exceed and meet the results that you expect from us during each job. Part of what comes with a results-driven culture is consistent communication. You can expect to always know what the status is on a job and how far we are from reaching our final goal. We keep you very informed throughout the entire duration of the project so that you’re never left wondering how close we are to finishing the job. If you would like to work with the company that strives to meet the results you would like to see for your home, then give Madison Avenue construction a call today. Always remember that we offer in-home estimates for any customer that’s interested in working with us.


Whenever you’re doing a large home construction or water, fire, smoke or storm damage renovation project, communication is always one of the most important factors on the job. Whenever you work with Madison Avenue construction you can expect clear and consistent communication throughout the entire process of working with us. We want to make sure that we stay on the same page And that you know any issues that arise right when they happen. If you ever need to reach us or communicate anything for any reason we always make sure that our team is available to take your call as well. Ultimately, our goal is to have you so informed that you never have to reach out because of our proactive approach towards communication. These are our values that we strive to live as the best Long Island home remodeling team and it is why we believe you should use us for your next project.